Posted on: January 4, 2010 5:33 pm

Can't wait for Base ball to start

Sitting here now with my fantasy basketball team going down the tubes (guess i didn't know it like i thought i did!), football is over (college AND pro, didn't do all that great with either!), not too interested in hockey, doubting that the Cowboys will make it very far in the play offs, not paying much attention to the Mavericks or the Stars this season. So i am thinking how we need to get the baseball season going! i'm pretty excited to see how the Rangers will come back after last seasons success. Will they continue to grow and get better? or will they suffer another stinging season in the tank? They have several youngsters coming back and with the addition of Harden i think they have upgraded their ace position in the team. They still need to upgrade the middle of the lineup a little but i don't think that Hamilton will struggle as bad this year as he did last year, so that will help them out quite a bit. So bring on the baseball season! i want to see the Rangers kick some butt!!
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Posted on: September 1, 2009 3:52 pm

Are the Rangers done?

After watching the game last night it kinda made me wonder if the Rangers are done with this year and looking forward the next. they are now 4 games back in the wild card, and follow the Angels in the division by 6 games. Personally I really think that if they really tried hard enough they could make a serious push to make it to the playoffs. I know you have to give your young guys time and experience on the field but you also cant let them get them selves absolutely CREAMED by the opposition. Holland got hit and hit hard in every inning he pitched last night. at least he was whenever he got anywhere NEAR the plate. what i'm trying to figure out is how he can look like a future ace one game and then just swing a total opposite and look like he shouldn't even pitching little league!

And on that note I am also concerned about our bull pen. We don't really have anyone out there that is consistant enough (except for Feliz) to put out there on a regular basis! who do you think we should try and pick up during the off season? and do you think that they will try and make any moves in the off season to pick up anyone in the off season?
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Posted on: August 4, 2009 10:09 am

Hot Hitters after i trade them!!!

All right guys, just a little heads up for all y'all in the baseball fantasy world. if you want to know which hitters are going to be doing good in a week, just check out who i have just traded or have just sit on the bench! Jeez!! Another week has gone by and i have lost another game becuz i have sat the wrong people or just traded them! So for all of you in the fantasy world just keep up with my transactions...couple weeks ago i traded Michael Young for some one that i thought was going to help me out and then he ends up hitting for like 30 something points! Carlos Pena is another example...traded HIM and HE wracks up some major points after having some mediocre guys...just pay attention here and you'll know who to sit and who to start! lol!
Posted on: August 1, 2009 1:28 pm


Welcome to Todd's blog, since this is my first ever blog i hope you bear with me as I learn the ropes and tricks of the trade.

first i will say that i AM a Ranger fan and i'm wishing them the best as they try to go for their first division win in....seems like decades! they have the makings of a great team this year and are surprising a lot of people this year that is for sure! but as well as they are doing the Angels are matching them win for win and keeping a 2 1/2 game lead over them in the division. i CAN'T believe it! Actually in some ways though i'm surprised that the Rangers are still even competing for a spot in the play-offs right now. soooo, Go RANGERS!!

Did anyone see what Lee did for the Phillies last night? Great job Lee! I'm excited to see how much better this team will be with that addition and it is already paying off for the Phillies! I have always liked Lee and i hope the best for him and i hope he goes far with this team!

I've read about some of these football players "holding out" on their teams and saying that unless they get a bigger contract they aren't coming to camp, and i think that it is absolutely ridiculus!! i mean come on man! you get paid to PLAY football not sit out and gripe and complain about not making enough money! Not only are you hurting your self because  you are missing practice time and not getting your workouts with your team, your hurting your team! how do you think that guy feels that is working his butt off and trying to beat you out of your roster spot and doesn't make even HALF of what you make! How does it affect team moral having this one CRY baby sitting on the side pouting because he don't get enough cash! how does that make a team want to pay you that money in the FIRST place! if I was the coach of that team i would sit your butt on the bench for a couple games!

Any way...thank you for visiting and i hope you have a great day!!
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